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The network today is becoming more feature-rich, offers even higher bandwidth with improved security, and of course more affordable as acquisition costs come down. All-in-one network devices are becoming popular, and given their modular construction,they often allow rapid upgrading via software or hardware extensions.

In-house IT network operation team faces the challenges of managing complex and ever changing network requirements.

And at the same time, organizations struggle to keep trained network engineers and hope to reduce manpower attrition to the minimum.

On top of these challenges, businesses are increasingly depending on the network for their growth, productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. Improvement on service quality of IT operations is measured against organizational productivity and efficiency.

NAS can provide a wide variety of support contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which may be adapted to a customer’s specific needs during a project. For example during the go live phase, a customer may require a higher SLA to ensure sufficient levels of responsiveness, then scale this back once the system is live.