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NAS Technologies can provide expertise and advice in many areas of business consultancy including application integration, security, communications, system sizing for growth, content and document management and web collaboration. We provide an IT audit service to analyze all aspects of IT infrastructure detailing areas of non compliance and recommending system improvements.

Proven Track Record -NAS Technologies has a proven track record of delivering complex large scale IT infrastructure projects to a variety of industries. However if the customer is working on a small project which demands a simple low cost solution, we are also equipped to deliver this. Technology expertise NAS Technologies has a wide range of software and hardware technology partners through which we can source exactly the right solution for you.

Extensive supplier base -We have technology suppliers in all areas of IT infrastructure, including physical infrastructure, such as passive cabling, Switching, Routing, IP Telephony, Wireless & CCTV. This allows us to design a holistic IT infrastructure system Can guarantee the best value for money - Through economies of scale with our existing supplier network, our purchasing power enables us to secure the best possible prices for our customers.

Complete IT solution from a single vendor - NAS Technologies provide a single vendor concept who can design, source, procure and project manage the deployment of your entire IT infrastructure, including business consultancy, hardware, software, business applications, implementation, configuration and support. Choosing the right IT vendor makes sure there are no project delays, work is completed well within the budget, systems are fully maintained, data is protected and security is ensured at all times.

System and User Migration - All IT infrastructure projects require a settling in period where system users may require more hand holding than usual. We can design a suitable go live and migration plan and provide the right levels of support to assist with this process.

End User Training -NAS Technologies can provide end user training for the newly implemented systems and applications.